Is there any customer support?


Hi, I am having trouble getting support to answer me. Short of cancelling my account, has anyone any suggestions?


Hello @Able,

As I can see an agent has responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know.


Andreas K.


Hi Andreas,
Yes, the problem is now resolved. I am not happy that the ‘support’ took nearly three (yes 3!) hours to conclude this problem. Your staff need more training. My confidence in Revolut has taken a severe setback. I am contemplating not using your service any more. Not professional at all!


I’m really sorry to hear that.

I can see that the waiting time was approximately 20mins.


Hi AndreasK, I asked for support at 08:54 and did not receive satisfaction until 10:57. So nearly 2 hours not 3 but certainly NOT 20mins.
Please don’t belittle this feedback!


Thank you for clarifying this. Please accept my apologies as I didn’t mean to belittle your feedback. We just wanted to investigate what has happened. Rest assured we appreciate your feedback.


Hi, I have problem with the app It does not give me the right to change my phone number - I have Lenovo S856 phone and the Field when I supposed to write is not showing - So I can only watch not to communicate ! My friend who refer me has I phone 7(does not have this issue) and we discussed that maybe is a program code problem. I need to change my phone number cause I want to close the contract with this one that I have in you system - Can someone contact me on my mail cause I have no other option to reach you - Thank you !


Hi @a.kanchev,

Once you have verified your account, you cannot change any of your personal details. We do that for you after we go through some security questions.

I will get in touch with you via a direct message.


Andreas K.



How you will contact with me , cause I can’t use your chat platform as I wrote before ?


Jesus Christ if you want on the dot responses then I suggest you go to a large company and receive their customer service. A little patience hurts no body. Bear in mind this company is small in comparison to Travelex and other companies. Keep up the good work Revolut, I don’t mind waiting a while for a response as long as I have one. A year with you guys and I’d bloody love the service the product and[quote=“bsalita, post:41, topic:2444”]

  1. Change name to something hip and pronounceable. I think you’re losing business because of the odd name. Even when I highly recommend Revolut, people step back because it sounds dicey.

I have never had such issue. That’s a stupid reason sorry.


@ damianryan I’m sure you are a Revolut fanatic. I was also very pleased with the service. You must remember that when it comes to financial matters, CONFIDENCE is crucial. When support is not on point then this takes a knock. Regardless of the size of the company, support should be paramount!


@able Yes but the communication channel is also important. If I send a letter to someone, then I do not expect them to answer within 24hours. Same with a forum that isn’t real time communication. Email gets closer to it, but only a chat is really the go to channel for something like that.


@AssetBurned My issue is that any point of contact should be (in this day and age) pretty much instant. A forum doesn’t cut it for me. Email, while slightly better, is also subject to internet which is not always available and convenient when travelling. If you find the current methods of support acceptable then we have to agree to differ.
Regards, John.


We’re working hard to reduce the waiting time as possible as we can. In regards, we’re working on a 24/7 support and we have recently opened a supplementary support office


I don’t find chat or forum a useful way to provide support as a Bank. Phone service or braces are clearly preferable. However looking at the services offered by the Banks I am familiar none of those is available 24/7 not even 7 days a week. With the exception of the lock and unlock hotlines for the cards.


When dealing with an international service it’s also important to note that there may be extra fees for international calling depending on your provider. A lot of people are hindered by the thought of having to make an international call for more than a few minutes.


Unfortunately I’m experiencing a similar issue - I contacted you guys around 12h30 today - it is now 19h and I’m still pending for someone to have a look at the issue…

…where is customer support?


I have the same issue. Since early morning I am trying to contact anyone there, and no one is replying, and I do not know where my money is. It is my first week when using revolut, and I can say I am very disappointed.


I have been trying to get through to customer support since 3pm. Is there a problem?


Been trying for weeks

That’s NOT a joke btw

Shocking support or lack of it
Daughters card hadn’t been verified despite being told it would and all her Money is tied up on a bloody card she can’t use despite numerous ignored requests