Is there an option to create virtual card for free?


I am new in revolut and just ordered physical card for free. How can I create virtual card for free right now? The app suggest to pay for it :frowning:


Hey @Cichy_PL :slight_smile:

As far as I understand, there are two fees for the cards:

  • The issuing fees
  • The shipping fees (not for virtual cards)

The first one is usually waived for newcomers, no matter if you choose a virtual or a plastic card. The second one has to be paid. This doesn’t happen when you’re a premium user :crown::smile:

There is not a known workaround AFAIK (if you find one, let us know!)


Well those few pounds or euros or whatever for a second card, virtual or physical, are really not much. And you anyway already have (ordered) a physical one. So you can already use Revolut for free :wink:


Only premium users get free Virtual Cards. For me that makes premium worth it.