Is there an ETA on when business accounts will be available


@andriusb is there an ETA on when buisness acounts will be avaible as it has already been “a few weeks”, since you said they would be avaible in the next “few weeks”.
Just looking for a rough update?


Thanks for the question which is very timely and relevant for thousands of pre-registered businesses like yourself. We’re currently in a closed Beta stage and will be inviting to open Beta over the next weeks. We can’t wait to welcome almost 10 thousand pre-registered and many more new businesses onboard soon!


Is there any update on the Business accounts? I see you said over the next weeks which was nearly a month ago? We are currently holding off opening an account with a main stream bank to open with yourselves.


Hi @medisolutionsuk - we’re finalising closed Beta testings and depending on results, we aim to launch end of May / early June. We’d be happy if you could join our closed Beta too! Check you email for the invite.


Many thanks - does the closed beta give you a unique sort code and account number? Any account limits in terms of income and balance etc?


The account still hasn’t populated account details despite being over 24 hours since set up?


@andriusb - Is there any chance of adding me to the closed beta as well? I am particularly interested in multi currency bank accounts and have held off opening one up with Barclays in anticipation of Revolut Business!


I would love to beta test this as well. I have a multi currency account with HSBC but I’m not happy with the cost and rates offered. Really looking forward to what Revolut can offer.


Hi there Folks, can i join this closed beta? Ive recently incorporated in UK,have a revolut personal account, but want to open revolut business account.


Hi @andriusb ! Please can you add me to the closed business beta too? Thanks!


Hi @andriusb, any firm dates yet for Revolut Business launch? thanks.