Is there a problem with transfer?


Yesterday evening I’ve ordered a few things online from the website
There were some kind of problems that I couldn’t send my money and that I got a message that it’s ‘pending’. My friends, who ordered stuff from the same website, didn’t have these kind of problems and paid everything the same second. But I’m waiting for payment for a day now.


Hmmm, “pending” is a normal status of each transaction done by any card. It can be named in another way (ie. Polish banks name it as “blokada” - “blockade”)


Hi @vysnruta,

did your friends use a :r: as well ?

Pending just means, that the website or payment processor hast to confirm the payment.
If you pay at a restaurant the first payment is usually pending and then declined and another payment with the tip included shows up.

Your order should be fine. Otherwise please contact the support of to check whether there is a problem and they can redo the payment in some way or tell you what to do.
Just to make sure, you did enable the e-commerce transaction setting in the security tab of the app ?