Is there a limit to the number of Vaults?

I am trying to setup a number of Vaults for irregular expense and after about a dozen or so setup I got the error that I could not create a Vault. I deleted some and then was able to create new ones.

I was wondering if there was a hard limit on how many you could create? Or if I ran into a bug?

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@AndreasK Would be good to know.

Hey guys!

The current limit is up to 10 Vaults. However, we would love to have your feedback on this? :slight_smile:

@AndreasK thanks for the info. For my uses having a bigger limit (or no limit) is preferred. I want to use the Vaults as both a savings plan for irregular expenses that come up a few times a year.

I also like the idea of using them as an envelope budget system so i put money aside at the beginning of each month and then draw from a pot when i make expenses. That way i can see what discretionary money i really have to spend.

Having a limit of 10 Vaults limits its usefulness.


Has this changed in the past few weeks? I noticed I can add more Vaults.

erase the limit of vaults or increase the limit to at least about 100 vaults please, thank you