Is there a fee for Inter Crypto exchange?


Dear Revolut,

I am curious if you have a few for inter-crypto exchange. Let’s say if I want to exchange LTC to BTC. I made such an exchange a few minutes ago and something does not add up.


Hey, what didn’t add up?


So, example. I exchanged 20 LTC to BTC. And when trying to change back I could only buy 19.1 LTC even if the exchange rate was almost the same.


Hey Catean, when buying and selling crypto currency there might be a difference between the buy and sell price which includes the 1.5% fee that Revolut takes to facilitate the transaction. You can find much more information about how this works here:


I was thinking the 1.5 % fee only applies when buying CRYPTO with FIAT money. So, we have the 1.5 % even when switching between cryptos?


It would make sense since it is still a buy/sell but i am not certain.