Is there a daily top up limit when using bank transfers?


The Revolut FAQ on daily top up limits are not very clear. Can anyone confirm the whether there is a daily top up limit when sending a bank transfer? Other than the annual top up limit of course.


Not sure about a limit, but I made a 15k€ transfer few months ago and Revolut required documentation to justify the source before crediting my account.

They said better to make several transfers each below £10k or equivalent rather than a single big deposit.


There is no limit for transfers as long as it’s within your annual top up limit range.


Thank you for the confirmation.

The FAQ is a little confusing. From the various info and comments I’ve seen it works like this:

Revolut imposes no daily top up limit on top ups by bank transfer if the annual limit is not exceeded. But transferring banks might impose a daily maximum.

Revolut imposes a maximum (undisclosable) daily top up limit on top ups done by card.

The FAQ don’t clearly distinguish between tops up by card and tops by bank transfer.



I have opened an account last week and I sent my passport and a picture of me to increase my limit.

I have three questions

  • I made a bank transfer from my account to my Revolut account of GBP 5000, is it ok? not sure if there is a limit on a bank transfer.
  • I tried to top up with my debit card and I have a daily limit ofGBP 500, how can I increase this limit?
  • How can I request to increase my limit of GBP 25k for my revolut account?




Hi @WingMan
Did you manage to increase the limite?
I am interested in the solutions Revolut offers.


Hi Hopi,

Yes I managed to increase my limit.
You need to provide the source of your revenue to revolut and they will increase the limit according to your need.