Is the Revolut physical card really free?

I received an email with the offer of the free Revolut card, however when I tapped through to the final payment screen, it stated that I had to pay £5 in order to pay for the postage of the card to me. This is therefore a misleading offer because it is not really free after all.

The free card ordering promotion lasted until 11th March.

Well. You received an email which you opened late and didn’t read it all:
Please note: You can only receive your first card for free if you have not previously ordered a physical card. For verification purposes, we require customers to top up their account with £10 (or equivalent). This is not a fee for the card and can be immediately spent with your Revolut card or transferred back to your original bank account. The offer ends on Sunday 11 March at 11:59pm.

Still, postage is cheap. 5£ isn’t much, you’ll save 5£ using the card in 2-3 weeks lol.

Unfortunately the promo is over, but we have many more exciting things in store for you!:tada: