Is the Revolut card free to use in Thailand?


I have seen a few posts about the card not being free to use in Thailand and extra fees when the card is used on weekends.

I understand that there are ATM fees in most of the machines for withdrawing money in Thailand but can someone clarify if there would be any fees if I use the card to make purchases in-store or in restaurants for example? Please can someone explain the weekend extra charges too?

Thank you

@GeorgiaB hi, there are no extra charges to use the card in-store. You are limited to 6000 EUR/month due to exchange limits (more than that occurs a charge).

Many shops in Thailand will ask you to charge your card in YOUR currency ( EUR or GBP or whatever). Just answer no, charge me in local currency (THB in this case) and you will avoid a 3% or possibly more surcharge. Just let the Revolut do the conversion.

Weekends are a whole different story, because Revolut charges a % due to closed currency markets, meaning that you pay more than necessary.
Either avoid using a card during weekends, or purchase THB within the app in advance to secure a good rate during the week, or use a different card during the week.

ATMs in thailand all charge withdrawal fee now, so there is no way to avoid that. Searching for a free ATM is pointless now. (last free ATM - Citibank in BKK started charging ATM fee in August, 2016). You can however use ATMs that allow withdrawal of 30.000 THB instead of common 20.000 as you will still be charged the exact same fee.


Thanks Mike thats a great help.
It means that Revolut is still completely useless and unreliable for what I’m looking for abroad.
Better safe than sorry.

Hi guys - from reading the threads it seems that Revolut isn’t the ideal card to use in Thailand given the poor exchange rates and thai atm withdrawal fees. What alternatives can people suggest (apart from cash) - I am based in the UK.


Hi Rahima,

I would suggest getting a Starling card. It’s great! I’ve just been to
Thailand and used it for the whole trip with no problems and no charges.