Is the Premium Free Trial Still Happening?


I’ve seen lots of posts about a free first month, possibly reduced to a free 14 days, trial of premium. However, I can’t find anything on the app about this.

I’d really like to try premium, but I don’t want to commit to a whole year. I want to see if having premium helps what I’m trying to do, and so a 14 day trial would be excellent. Were it to be helpful, I’d then go onto the full year subscription; but straight into a 12 month contract seems a bit risky…

I’ve seen posts as recent as in 2018 about the free trial, but I can’t find where on the app (or the Revolut website) it says about such an offer. If anyone could give me a pointer, that’d be hugely appreciated, thanks!


Hey @samthomas :slight_smile:

I guess it’s not worded “trial” anymore, but still exists:


Thanks for that.

A follow up question, perhaps suited to an admin, is the following. It says “partial refund based on your usage”, but gives no further detail. For example, as a hypothetical, if I were to use my premium membership to transfer £2,000 to euros (€) five times (and nothing else), if I were to then cancel within the first 14 days would I simply be charged whatever I would’ve paid had I not taken out the premium membership (namely 0.5% of £10,000, ie £50)?