Is the Community Dying?

Hello does anyone knows a phone number to speak with an advisor?

There is none. Only support through digital channels.

I’ve been on the Revolut Community for a week now. I’ve earned all of the badges necessary to create a topic, but still cannot create topics for some reason. I tried to reach out to support and they had no idea how to activate my account fully. I even received an automated message that said I can now create topics, yet for some reason I do not have the option. How do I gain this ability?

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In order to be able to create a topic, in this community (other communities have different requirements), your trust level needs to be member or higher. Your trust level is not member (yet).

I think I can guess what your next question will be, the answer to that question can be found here:

This blog post states that at level 1 users can create a new topic. It doesn’t mention anywhere that certain “communities” have specific trust level requirements.

I can’t start a new post in a single topic category, not business, ideas, or anything else. So I’m not sure why the Revolut Community says you can post a topic if you can’t actually post a topic on any of the categories.

According to the blog post, to reach the “member” status it says you need to create (“enter” is the word they used) 20 topics… How can this be accomplished if I can’t post at all?

It seems to be way too restrictive if you’re a new user.

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With community, I mean this Revolut (Discourse) community as a whole. There are different (Discourse) communities around on the web (on all kind of subjects) where you don’t need to have trust level member to create a new topic.
It’s up to the moderators of the community to set these requirements and also to set up what a certain trust level can and can not do. Regarding the latter, from the blog post:

Admins can change these limitations by searching for newuser and first_day in site settings.

Admins can change these thresholds by searching for tl* in site settings.

It’s also up to the moderators to set the requirements you need to meet to get trust level member.

enter ≠ create

Enter means you have to open (click on it/go inside) an existing topic and read a certain number of posts.

post ≠ create

You can post/reply in an existing topic. You can not create a new topic (yet).

So as I said you need to have trust level member (level 2) to be able to create a new topic in the Revolut (Discourse) community (regardless of what any automated PMs might be telling you differently).

I find it quite laughable that after nearly 3 years of using the Revolut app for travelling, payments to friends and more recently buying shares, I cannot raise an issue in a community forum.
Of course I’ve searched the existing posts, but nothing related shows up.
It feels a little pointless signing up to be part of the so-called “community” in the first place.

Imagine going into a bank to speak to someone, but only being permitted to chirp in after someone else’s unrelated conversation until you’d earned the right to start your own conversation.



I suggest to google about Discourse trust levels. It‘s a feature of the community software they’re using. It’s about engagement.

This community is more about exchanging information between users than it is about being a platform for contacting :r: support. This seems to escape the attention of so many regrettably.


Thanks for the responses guys.
@Graham I don’t actually want to contact support. I wanted to reach out to other Revolut users to ask whether they experience the same wild inaccuracies with the performance stats in the in-app stocks tab. If I would have wanted to speak to support I would have used the support chat.
What did escape my attention regrettably was that I considered myself a user after almost 3 years of using the app, without realising that the community platform doesn’t see it the same way.
I still find it surprising in an age of instant knowledge sharing – especially when my post was pre-approved before posting to the forum.

I created a new topic on the “start new topic” issue. Users who can’t create new threads are welcome to complain in that thread.


i hope not. and i do love the forum communication, also because there is so much useful information—no chat gives you that

For anyone wondering how to see your trust level, these are the steps:

Click on your picture/avatar top right
Click on Preferences (the little head)
Click on Summary
Click on Expand

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I am in exactly the same position. I can’t say it is a way to drive high levels of engagement in the community.

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This is helpful :slight_smile: I was having the same issue

OK, so to help anyone who is waiting for their elevation to the dizzying heights of membership that allows you to create a topic, I can share my experience. I was awarded the status after:

  • 16 days visited
  • 3h read time
  • 66 topics visited
  • 898 posts read
  • 21 likes given
  • 12 likes received
  • 17 posts created

Note that I was not awarded the status after 15 days visited, which is the standard Discourse hurdle for Level 2 trust level. This could have been a system delay, or it could be a customisation on the part of Revolut. Since there is no official statement from Revolut about which modifications they have made to the standard Discourse trust level functionalities, we don’t know.

I do think it would help the community if Revolut could make their custom trust levels public and more prominently shared with new members. This would be especially useful since the automated PMs sent to members by the Discourse functionality is out of kilter with the changes Revolut have made, so for example new members are encouraged to create a topic long before they actually have the right to do so.


Unfortunately, it seems that it’s dead… Couple of posts each day from the millions of users around the Globe it’s just sad… And the most disturbing part for me that even reporting on some bugs in the app I don’t receive any answers at all…

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Thanks @beneix – Captain Haddock would be proud! I was searching for the very information you provided: what the actual requirement is for topic creation.

It turns out that before I can start a topic on the forums I need to visit the forums on ten more separate days.

WRT “Is the Community Dying?”, I’m not qualified to answer that yet. It doesn’t seem very active, maybe after my ten day wait I’ll have a better idea of current traffic.

If it is then perhaps a contributing factor is people’s frustration at not understanding the trust levels.

An entry in the FAQ giving direct (not linked) information about the requirements would help.

A greyed out ‘New Topic’ button and a note explaining why the button is greyed out would also help. The more detail the better (but even a link to the FAQ would be good).

After I fell off the end of Discobot I got a welcome message with a link implying that I could start a new topic. Removing that would also remove some misunderstanding.

Best regards,


It’s actually quite lengthy…

:smiley: I know, I’ve read it. I just thought adding only the ‘member’ level requirements (just a few lines) right there in the FAQ might save some souls wading through the blog, and prevent them from wandering off in confusion or frustration.