Is the Community Dying?

Hello Everybody! :r:

I just wanted to talk about this community that i am a part of for no longer than a month now, It seems to me that there is not much activity and interaction between members i see a number almost reaching 20.000 :tada: community members but often subjects created 1 week ago in the “recent” page.
So do we have any suggestions to bring this Community back to life? assign Moderators? Head of Community/Social? Create more interactive subjects? :thinking:
No answer is wrong here jets throw some ideas.


It depends.
The community traffic seems equivalent to revolut’s new product announcements, not much to introduce this period.
Keep in mind that the biggest source of traffic came from apple pay support, which is done!


And add issues that might occur during normal operation as anther source of messages.

As we did not see any real new product feature other than polish in the last year or so, not much is to expect. Even the RevP seems to be not worth any discussion, probably nothing happening there as well.

There has been a thread listing the top priority feature request by participating community members, but if my memory serves me right, not much happened…

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But guys are those reasons the only ones that should be discussed in a Fintech Community? I think there is more than just Announcements and Issues, We should Focus in the Ideas and Trading, As a new member here i found it really hard to even post here my posts sometimes took more than a day to get approved. One time i asked in app chat to approve a post of mine :rofl:

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Due to the inactivity of Revolut staff this forum is no better than any other, easier accessible platform.
There is just no reason to be more active here.


Community has been dying ever since they started moderating posts and requiring users to post irrelevant material in threads because they can’t make their own until a member


So sad and so true well said @Recchan

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Even more so when the tutorial bot broke - I don’t know if it was fixed meanwhile.

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No interaction by R == no interest in the community anymore


It’s a shame that Revolut isn’t caring about this community at all, we rarely get any information from them directly. I wish they were a bit more transparent on whatever they’re working on as well. Even their blog is more and more just about promoting their own services than actually giving any insights.


It kind of sounds like the change from a startup company grown to a more established one which in parallel also changes from the tech enthusiasts to the ones requiring revenue to survive and therefore focusing on advertising now.
I’ve no clue how they stand, financially speaking. They still seem to attract money so they can expand and survive. But I guess, profitability is still some way ahead.


I am really glad that some members are seeing this happening in the community! We should try and bring it up to live again, and hopefully :r: will hire some staff to be working on here communicating/interacting so we don’t have just some spikes of activity only when they make announcements


I can only speak for myself of course but honestly I think there was always just a handful of users driving the community really. There are/were very useful threads like “ultimate free atm withdrawal list,” which is dying as well. Many other threads are full of speculations as nobody has proper insights. Many others are just newbies reporting blocked accounts over and over again (with the stupidmost outcomes*).

They – :r: – are very much moving to business accounts with their energy, I think. However, I tried to push them on Twitter and mentioned that the community is speculating about surcharges after brexit. :r: officials should find a way back here.

Members have posted loads of good stuff here, but then it’s just totally ignored, which is bound to put people off.


And also a majority of them are put off for the time it takes for each post to be approved. I thing with little more engagement from the :r: staff this community will wake up again!


Well, to be fair, some of the ideas are nonsense from either a regulatory/legal or development costs point of view. E.g. “Freeze exchange rates to avoid mark up” or the recuring request for a web interface where the support is already at limit. (Check Twitter to get an impression)

Just today I reported the export bug to the in-app support and mentioned that they need to close the gap to the community that developed over the last year.

In the end, we need to take into account that their capacity is limited, budget is limited and that many many stakeholders create a product backlog that just is off the scale.

What helps are those tips & tricks and achivable goals when it comes to ideas out of the community. And that’ll need some organization as well – from both sides.


I study innovation management at uni, and basically that describes almost all crowdsourcing communities of the ideation type - which this community is basically an example of. It is also a way to offload support strains, but I presume that Revolut is in direct contact with the lead users in this community, and through the beta programmes.

I am quite certain that Revolut staff reads just about everything in this forum - but they should rethink their level of involvement. It is a well-known issue to have too much involvement - it is often safer to let the users voice their concerns and discuss - but too little involvement leads to yet another well-known phenomenon: stagnation.

Staff involvement is a very fine balance, but Revolut ought to do more about it and communicate more clearly. These are the usual points to be aware of in ideation communities:

(1) Purpose of community
(2) Direction
(3) How binding the type of forum - consultative or contractual - a hybrid?
(4) Feedback mechanism - e.g. the excessive post “How to improve Metal?”. Nothing happens, and there is no feedback, just the same (few) users posting and reposting that other users’ requests are excessive from a cost or regulatory standpoint.
(5) Follow-up
(6) Active moderation - and how much?
(7) Award structure - I mean, we get badges… perhaps something real?

There’s tonnes of literature around idea management, netnography, and lead user identification. Esp. see von Hippel, Brem, Bakke, etc. I call on Revolut to improve and rethink the forum form.


That’s the “4.358 item backlog with a 15 heads dev team” issue. You cannot work on all the items and if you involve, users demand to see ideas being developed. :man_shrugging:t3:

I told support about the surcharges talk and that they need to be quicker with official statements – may it be:

  1. We are in negotiations with xyz to prevent surcharges
  2. We are introducing xyz this spring/Summer
    Brexit is not the common “give me family accounts” issue that you can answer with “soon” for Q1, Q3, Q1, Q4 until everybody forgot about it. :joy:

Your post on surcharges and a Brexit blog Post from OCTOBER(!) made me check bunq & N26 – and I am not the only one. On top: a :r: fan boy.

Maybe that’s the approach?

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I feel that the official blog posts have become increasingly banal, focusing primarily on Revolut for Business. I think that this signals how the consumer division of Revolut has turned into something supplementary. The real money comes from the business consumers, and perhaps with the new stocks feature.

I hope I’m not correct in this observation, but honestly it would not surprise me, and it explains the lack of attention to this forum.

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The issue is that there is zero transparency. People bring up, sometimes well-thought-out, ideas - and there is no feedback from Revolut. They might or might not work on it.
Same for the Metal-offer-improvement thread where Revolut actively asked for ideas!

As a further example: Rev Rallies. They promoted them on their social media channels a few times in the past and somehow this ceased. This results in missing information about what’s going on at Revolut.