Is “super fast” delivery dead?


Ok so Revolut claims that cards are delivered within 3 days globally. Let’s say 4 (to Manila it took 4), it’s still a good time. Let’s say a week if I’m on the other corner of the world.

But nowadays the delivery is… completely dead:

I’ve lost a card so I had to order a new one (in mexico). 28th of September

It never arrived.
No tracking number
The support was useless and contradictory:
They said they can’t provide tracking number (it’s DHL guys! Not jimmy delivery Inc!)
They said they have no idea when it will arrive but I should wait more, like, while traveling
One said that the card was sent
One said that the card was printed and it will be sent

Anyway. After waiting 3 weeks I gave up and re-ordered

Still no tracking number
Still nothing moves in the app
I’m afraid to ask the support what’s happening



Revolut level of service took a steep decline since Metal was released. And also, they got pretty pushy - i got like 4 sms to upgrade for Metal which is badly priced for the services offered and the actual quality of the card.



The second card ordered. Same situation and it has been already a week.

No tracking number. No info. I don’t even top up my account now until they don’t fix their issues.



Yeah thats true if they are too annoying you can disable them under Profile -> Privacy -> Marketing Pushes

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Using reputable courier companies and not having (or not wanting to provide) tracking number is really weird :-1:



I ordered a new Premium card on Sunday. Got it on Wednesday via DHL Express.



Lucky you…

I didn’t got any from two trials.



Keep waiting.

So as a premium user I’ve ordered a card on *28th of September *. Never arrived.

Reordered on October 15. Never arrived

It’s October 23, I give up…

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Obviously it matters where you’re located – where it shouldn’t.



It arrived once in the Philippines (Warsaw-Leipzig—UK-Hong Kong-Manila) in 4 days.

It can’t arrive in Mexico which should be even easier? EU-UK-Cancún

Meanwhile I’ve discovered why ** THEY DIDNT SENT IT **

the address was “TOO LONG” and they didn’t sent it. Not contacted me. Wtf ?!?

And why they accepted that address then?!

Too long… :man_facepalming: and why they didn’t told me when I’ve requested the first card?!

And they couldn’t modify the address (despite the card was not sent) so surprise! I had to… reorder it. 3rd time.

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Just imagine what they would do if you lived here -



Hahaha where I am it’s super easy. Mostly just numbers and x y coordinates (like street 15 in between streets x16 y18 )

Btw. In Lebanon there are some towns called “Hell”, “Cucumber” and even “Her “dck”” :joy:



The card arrived yesterday.
New design for the name.

The black card unfortunately doesn’t work (chip failing multiple times)

Seems the problem was “the too long address” so that’s why they didn’t deliver, nor contacted or told me when I first contacted them.



They should adopt the
what3words addressing system.



Just out of curiosity, can you take the Silver card and see if you can find the name of the manufacturer? You should be able to find it on the back, probably in one of the corners. The chip looks similar to another international money card I have. I’d give the name of the manufacturer for that card but I don’t have it with me, will be able to give the name by the end of the day.




sorry for delay :slight_smile:



Thank you!! This is the exact same manufacturer as the Lunar Way Travel Card as well! The chip is the same.

From what I can see, Revolut uses three manufacturers now. The first is PayServ in England, the second is ExceetCard in Munich, and the third is TagSystems, based in multiple countries.

It also seems that the Metal card is made in Prague, as people are reporting that it’s shipping from there.



The super fast delivery being “dead” for some people but fine for others, could be because these manufacturers work differently and are not sending the cards on time, while other manufacturers are getting the cards out on time, making this difference in experience.



That was not the case.

The problem was ** too long delivery address **
Even if they accept that length, they don’t send it.

And they didn’t told me when I first contacted them. They told me once it was sent. Once it’s printed and waiting to be sent. And 3rd time after almost a month they told me the problem is actually the address, too long :man_facepalming:

If they would tell me first time, problem would be solved faster.



Well yeah, but on top of that, it could also be the manufacturer. When my friend and I were on holiday once, he needed a new card. It took a week and a half to get to him instead of 3 days (was only shipped to him after a week), and when it finally got to him, the manufacturer was different than any of mine or his previous cards.

When our holiday was done, I needed to order a new card for an unrelated reason and it came in two days instead of three. The manufacturers of the cards were different. That’s another reason why faster shipping could have problems, the manufacturers are unmatched with speed.