Is SEPA working right now?

This is my first time to use this service and I am trying to get a card. I send 12 EUR but what I get is:

We want to inform you that your payment has not been received due to the fact that the receiving bank did not receive EUR. Unfortunately, it will not be reinstated in your account, since the 12 EUR will not be returned to us due to fees from other banks.
ICA Banken AB, 504 82 Borås
Customer service 033-47 47 90, weekdays 8-20

The only thing I want know is that SEPA working now?

And also my bank do not allow to use the BIC code :REVOGB21, it shows “The BIC number does not match the IBAN number. Please check the completed BIC number, or saved BIC number on the selected recipient in your recipient list.” and then change the BIC code to REVOGB2LXXX automatically. Which is the right one and how to deal with it?

Did you try REVOGB21XXX already? not REVOGB2LXXX ! Or, if possible, try without any BIC …
see f.e. EUR account is simply unusable (unsuitable BIC )
and Please fix the SEPA TRANSFER issue. - #54 by Frank

Before you try again ask your bank to update/correct the BIC!

Just check the REVOGB21
ask your bank about this. Some banks are still use the wrong BIC