Is Revolut Working in USA? Can't Tell


I can’t get the Contact Us Chat App to work, and the Phone option is only to cancel or report card lost… Is this up and running in the USA???


Revolut have not yet launched in the US. They will be soon. They have stated they are aiming for the first half of 2018


Just to clarify: you can USE Revolut in the USA, as well as many other countries and currencies.

They are simply not accepting new customers from there yet (they will very soon)

Regarding your problem with the chat: I believe it is having some issues today. Bad luck


Hi – I have two different messages here - (1) I cannot use Revolut in the
US and (2) I “can” use Revolut in the US — could somone in the uSA please
confirm or how do I reach the adminstrators themselves? I can see their
profiles but I cannot “click” or find any way to “email” or “compose email”
to them…???


@Sorcha Revolut gives Mastercard and Visa prepaid cards. So you can definitely go to the US and withdraw cash, buy stuff, etc - At least anywhere Visa/MC is accepted.

What @henrikbjorn was saying, is that US citizens can not yet subscribe to Revolut.


Thanks! So if I need monthly deposits sent from Ireland to US - it can be
put on this card from Ireland at no fee? I am struggling to “see” this
information on the website… to the degree that I am pretty frustrated…
I appreciate your help. I gather these cards cost $30 a pop to use through
Revolut - are there other fees? Or where is link to finding out all this
from US side?


My bad I misunderstood your question.


EUR/GBP transfers from Ireland to Revolut wouldn’t have fees, but for now the transfers in USD from Revolut to the US will go through the SWIFT network, which might have some fees.