Is Revolut working in Israel/Jerusalem?

Hello, this weekend I’ll be in Israel and Jerusalem. I changed money on revolut to new Israeli shekel. Have anyone of you used this card in Israel / Jerusalem? Which ATMs/banks doesn’t charge a fee? Is it able to pay by revolut prepaid card?

I used everytwhere in Jerusalem and it worked :slight_smile:

Yes it works in Palestine :palestinian_territories:

It works, BUT don’t forget to activate magnet strip in security settings. I forgot and my card was refuses at shops. Israel is a hightech country and they still swipe cards…

This is social arena for those of us who love Revolut, it is not a political battlefield.

Keep your politics to yourself.


haha true, they still swipe it. Authentic experience :smiley:

In many countries they still swipe it.

For example in japan. Except IT&C shops, everywhere is magstrip transaction.

Okay, right now I know everything after visiting Isreal.

  1. You can pay everywhere by card and you HAVE TO enable swipe payments.
  2. ATM doesn’t work. Just one main bank in Jerusalem work. Every ATM in city rejected withdraw.
  3. Disable online payments beacuse someone can stole your card numbers (cvv etc) and stole money.
  4. When you withdraw money in ATM which works (I found just one) there will be 6 shekel fee.

Hello, I have similar problem, but more weird :-D. My Revolut Card is sometimes acceptecd in a shop in Israel and sometimes is refused. Can the reason be this magnet strip security settings?