Is Revolut trying to steal my money?

I send 300 euro to my bank account through Revolut.
It’s been 8 days since and the money is no where. My bank says that they didn’t receive anything and Revolut is replying with ridiculous excuses like “yes that time of the transfer we were having an issue with Euro and the money should be bounced back” or “your bank is having issue with BIC and you need to recall the transfer”.
What? Seriously?
I don’t know what to do but these guys just stole my money.
The support is pathetic. They don’t even trying.
Anyone know how to proceed?

The only positive thing so far is that you are not alone

Yes, heaps of us in the same boat. What we need is to get some momentum going to get our issue heard. Contact them by any means you can, tweet, facebook, media - whatever.

They are unbelievable. At least they could “disable” the transfers.
The issue in my case was that I transfer them from Revolut to my bank and since they are not a regular bank they could easily take the money and cover it up.