Is Revolut safe for business?


I’m opening an account with Revolut for my online retail business in the UK which I’ve incorporated days ago. I have a sister company in Portugal doing exact same business locally but these are seperate entities. Revolut is interesting concept for me because I will be frequently transferring money between the two companies and the suppliers in Asia.
But it seems quite common from Revolut customer reviews issues with delayed or missing transferred amounts and ultimately blocked accounts.
As a startup these issues could cause me great harm that could even threaten the survival of my business and cause me to loose money and credibility with my customers.
Im also concerned on how other financial institutions see Revolut and if I can have my international payments frozen for antilaundry investigations or other based on the trustworthiness of this new fintech, which could also harm my relationships with suppliers.
Any reassurance that this account is safe for business? What guarantees can you provide?


Have the same issue but for 2 companies - 1st in Netherlands and 2nd in Central Asia.
Are there any guarantees and what are the terms of such a transfer?


Hi @Luxd

Delayed or missed transfers happen only in cases when users are not following the instructions provided on the website precisely. If you will stick to the information given there, there will be no troubles whatsoever. :innocent:

Some accounts may be blocked by our automated security system due to suspicious activity or else. Our relevant team will investigate every such case :face_with_monocle: and update the user as soon as possible regarding the state of their account.

Our support is available Monday to Friday 7am - 10pm, Saturday to Sunday 10am - 6pm UK time to cover most of the time whenever you need assistance.