Is Revolut going to keep my dividends?

It’s pretty good that they subtract the US withholding tax tbh

Remember your local taxes won’t be subtracted though and that’ll be up to you

Hi all,

A few questions on this topic:
Will the broker withhold the dividend US tax for certain ?
In the help section it says they might, which does not sound as a certainty.

Also, if the US dividend tax is withheld by the broker - will we, the users of the platform, receive a proof that the tax was payed in the US ? I need to present this form to my local fiscal authorities in RO.

Last question: The W-8BEN form that is automatically filled for me at onboarding will be filed and sent to DriveWealth LLC ? Will we have access to it ? I need it for my personal bookkeeping, since it has my name& signature on it.


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Living in the UK buying US stocks that pay a dividend they withhold 30% for tax. Is there any way to apply for this back ? That 30% will add up over the decades !

Fill out W8N form and the withholding tax halves iirc, 15% is what they will withhold regardless (it’s just a thing that the US does)

I doubt you can request it back



I have the form simple online search but where do I send the form to?

@ArsenG could you answer? How does one go about sending the W8N to yourselves

Hey, did you find out.hownto deal with the form?

Here is the answer:

Revolut handles the form for you in the background, no action needed at users end, you can also reachout to their in app support to find out how exactly its done. Hope this helps