Is Revolut Going Bust?


Since I have been trying to contact Customer Services for hours and no recent posts in this forum are being answered, can I assume the worst? Is it worth taking all money out so I don’t lose it?


Does it sound like it’s going broke?


How many billions was Royal Bank of Scotland worth whilst it was going bankrupt?

Value not worth a stuff except to shareholders. I’m a customer who creates those profits and can’t get it to work.


Firstly, RBS is an investment bank (with a retail arm.), whereas Revolut operates in the retail banking space. RBS went into financial difficulty due to its IBD division, and not retail.

Secondly, all customer funds are hived off in a ring fenced fund held at Barclays (and the other financial institutions that Revolut partners with.).

Your ‘Is Revolut going bust’ thread title is just sensationalist nonsense.


Got s response from you!!!

Now for the response from who matters!!!


Hey there, your money is absolutely safe. We are currently under extremely heavy traffic on the app support chat which is causing delays. But we’re doing all we can to decrease the waiting time and get back to everyone in a timely manner. Over the weekend our support hours are a bit limited as well, from 12-6 UKT.