Is Revolut 'express delivery' unreliable?


I paid 12 pounds to ensure I got my card before flying on Thursday morning. I still haven’t even received a tracking number and customer service apparently isn’t available for “four hours”. Funny, because they had no problem accepting my 12 pounds immediately, for delivery “within two working days”.
I’m starting to see heaps of other threads with the exact same problem with ‘express delivery’.
I would have ordered the card last Friday but had verification problems and customer service was missing in action for 24-96 hours.
Can anyone tell me if I’ll get the card by tomorrow as promised? I’m getting really worried, as 12 pound ain’t a small amount of money for me!


Had ordered already 3 Cards in the last months, all arrived within 3 Working Days by DHL. None was wished by Express.
I am living in Germany.


Ordered the card with the cheapest shipping on Sunday, received it on Wednesday. It got sent from Warsaw to western Poland. Where are you from?


Maybe it’ll come through on time, but no dispatch yet means that’s looking pretty unlikely. Forgive me for not providing more details about myself – I guess I don’t won’t to share too much because I’m getting more and more nervous the more I read on this site.
The sheer number of threads I’m seeing with delivery failures, money going missing and customer service not being contactable has kind of freaked me out.
Can anyone at Revolut offer me some peace of mind?


I also ordered a premium card with “express delivery” on the 21st, which was claimed by the app to be shipped on the next day (but without Tracking ID), but did not arrive as of today…
The app recommended just re-ordering, which I did, but the new card hasn’t been shipped yet.

In contrast, my standard card arrived 2-3 working days after ordering it. :woman_shrugging:

(Living in Germany)


Hi there. Please contact our in-app support team, so that we can take a look at what’s going.


Exactly same issue. Ordered premium card two weeks ago and it never arrived. Reordered last week and didn’t arrive either. Also got no tracking info of any sort.

Ive now been waiting for 4 hours for my “premium” in app chat support


Hi, I’m having exactly the same problem. I got the email saying my card was ordered on Tuesday but still haven’t received a tracking id so don’t think it’ll be turning up by tomorrow. No response from the live agent yet…


Support Chat told me that their “card manufacturer is experiencing delays with card deliveries” and to give it some 3 more working days… :tipping_hand_woman:

I don’t mind doing so (already have the regular card), but maybe the app shouldn’t auto-flag the card as shipped then (which is suspect), if it really is not?
Also, this does not explain, why regular cards with express shipping (like @Roskel 's ?) are also delayed.


I’ve ordered 2 cards using express. Came with DHL within 3 days. I was even able to rush a backup card to a hotel in transit.


So things have just deteriorated for me. My card never arrived and I’ve just had it confirmed in Chat that there are delays with express delivery – so it’s not surprising to see that others are having similar problems.
I waited three hours to get in touch with Chat and there was a lot of back and forth before they would approve a refund. But get this: I was only offered a partial refund, not the full 12 pounds.
I’ve still been charged 5 pounds for standard delivery to a house that I left this morning and no longer live in. Apparently the card is due Saturday, a full week after I paid 12 pounds to order it express post purely because I knew I was flying in five days’ time and needed a card fast.
When I explained to Chat that being charged anything at all was wrong–because I would never have ordered a card in the first place had I known express delivery was faulty–this was the response I got:
“I am not saying your argument does not make sense, I am saying that I am not able to act against our policy even if I want to.”
All I wanted was a full refund of the 12 pounds, so I could then pay to order a new card to my new address. Instead, Revolut has still charged me for the card that hasn’t arrived yet to an old address. So to get a new card here, I’ll have to pay again.
It’s crazy that I’m even having to argue about this.
AndreasK, surely something is wrong here?


To me they told me June 6th…


@AndreasK are you able to help Roskel at all?


Thanks TonyP

Yes, June 6 was mentioned to me, too. I ordered my card on Express Delivery on May 27. I felt a tiny tiny bit guilty about using the word ‘scam’ in the comment headline the other day, but not so much now.

At least it’s positive that Revolut is open to having these faults pointed out on their own website. And I can only imagine how hard their customer service staff must be working responding to these concerns.

Please guys, when you can, can someone offer me an adequate explanation for why I haven’t been fully refunded in this instance? I can’t think of one myself.

I’d be willing to give you a second chance and pay to order another card if the right thing is done here.


From my point of view that’s just legally wrong. They can’t charge you for a service you’ve never bought. If they messed up express delivery, they have to reimburse you all you’ve paid for it. Plain and simple.

By the way, while this feels like fraud, even if it isn’t a company shouldn’t treat customers this way. Revolut messed up, so they should just try to at least be sorry for that and forget about the cost for the delivery. Very very bad taste here…


Hi there. This is right! Please accept our apologies for this delay. Due to a technical issue, cards will be delayed. However, if you have paid for express delivery we will refund you the cost at the point of standard delivery.


Hi Andreas, what do you mean by “we will refund you the cost at the point of standard delivery”?

Does that mean I will be refunded the full 12 pound express delivery fee? Or are you still going to charge me 5 pounds for standard delivery – even though express post failed and I no longer live at the address to which the card was meant to be sent?

Your response doesn’t really address the issue that I clearly outlined in my previous post.


At last, I have now been fully refunded for the failed express delivery. It took a damn long time and a lot of effort, but common sense has prevailed in the end.


I never got any refund and not only it was the time, 2 weeks, the card was sent to a wrong, different address from what was provided!

Quality service no doubt


My card was compromised last Thursday and ordered a new one (premium user). Still haven’t received tracking information and support is saying there are delays.

Must be a a major problem with their card issuer considering how long this has been running.

Sure hope I receive my card…at all.