Is Revolut come with account number and sort code in UK?

I think Revolut is people choice now why can’t it come with account number and sort code for more easy bank transactions in uk

Hi @Intelligentcop,

You can find the sort code and the account number along with your personal reference number if you go to the Top-Up section, tap & hold Top-Up by card to reveal the ‘Top up via Transfer’ page. Next, select the currency you would like to top up your Revolut account in. You will be directed to a page which shows the account details you need to make a transfer to. If you are making a transfer from a bank account in the UK please select ‘Local’ to find our account number and sort-code.

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Thank you for the response, I did as you said I saw my account number but I didn’t see sort code. Can you help me for this again

It should be there the sort code.

First is the Pay to, then Account Number and the sort code and Reference number. All these details are in the same page.

keep in mind that you can only transfer funds from an account with the same name as yours

@FernandoMiguel is right.

Transfers from third parties, including but not limited to companies, friends & family, will be returned to the sender’s account after deducting processing fees.

hello , how do I see the sort code from my Account . have try to reach the online agent and all to avail . i went to IBAN and it just showing no numbers

Same here. It’s driving me nuts. Why can’t they put the sort code somewhere it can be seen? I’ve found my account number. It’s on the statement but no sort code there either! If I look in ‘Local’ the account number and sort code are both greyed out and covered with Xs.

those Xs mean you do not have one assigned yet @johnhedge. it’s not hiding the account number, you don’t have an account number.

people attempting to activate individual SEPA accounts have the same problem at the moment.

problem with the integration with their banking partner I guess.

Revolut is not very good at keeping it’s users informed about service outages and they prefer to hide until it’s solved and then pretend it never happened.

@anon33247966 @rafael_revolut @anon71086934 ? it’s been 7 days since this tech issue began and still nothing has been said officially about it.

I tried to activate my accoun as well and nothing happened

Also when I try to thank people for their input I get a message saying the body of the message is too short (under 20 words). Please consider this as a thank you.


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That kills the main reason for opening an account in the first place.

Really sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we’re currently experiencing a tech issue related to account’s activation, rest assured we will contact you once this has been resolved. Once again apologies! :frowning:

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Thanks for keeping me informed.


The new version will be out today!

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Hi there, I think your post might be referring to an older version of the app. I can’t find this feature at all. I’ve just ‘opened’ a revolut account and am trying to top it up from a Lloyds account but to do that I need to enter my Revolut sort code and account number. Just can’t find it. Where do I look? Thanks

more > profile > account details > add account > GBP

Can we receive payments from third parties now?

You can receive transfers from your employer, family, and friends directly into your Revolut account in any of these supported currencies!

i was use this service but my account was blocked why ?