Is Revolut business accepting payment from amazon

Hi can anybody comferm if the Revolut business accepts payment from amazon please I’m confused :man_shrugging: Thank you in advance

what country is your business based on?

I tried to register at but the *censored* wanted me to commit to £25/mo right away so I couldn’t test if they would accept my revolut account.

recently I was able to setup a direct debit on paypal using the UK local account so I think it should work for amazon as well, but I won’t spend that sum for a test, sorry :wink:

I was just informed by palpal revolut (prepaid solutions) has rejected the direct debit as initially expected, so disregard what I said about the possibility of connecting the UK account to amazon. if you are based on a eurozone country SEPA (EUR) should work though.

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Hi mate please my business is based in the Uk :uk: London

Jean Niamke iPhone

thank you for your replay

jean niamke