Is R Crypto worth it?

So, just for testing purposes I put 1,97 eur to eth. Immediately after I done that (clicked on convert) it drop to 1,89 eur, that is 4% fee. The same with Bitcoin, 1 € immediately drop to 0,96 eur. It has been a week since, it has never even got back to 1 eur or 1,97 eur. The best for eth was 1,96 eur. For example with Blockchain, 1,97 eur worth of eth would usually go up to 2,07 eur, and it would not drop to a lower valute immediately after. Is R Crypto worth it? What are yours experience (would really appreciate if some one is willing to share)?

Haha ammm maybe try to read my post again

Are you referring to the value of your crypto in €?
If so, yes that’s the spread after taking in account that Revolut adds 1.5% to the crypto you bought. (

Anything else is bound to the market price offered by the exchange Revolut uses.


I don’t know, thought that Revolut’s fees are higher. Maybe I got something wrong here. It just never happen (in those two weeks that I am experimenting with crypto) that the second I deposit fiat currency the value went down for 4%. Especially because the price of Ethereum went up in the last seven days. And like I said I acctualy made something in those seven days when I deposited ETH to Blockchain wallet than here (here I did not got anything). So comparing those two - that is why I am questioning is R Crypto worth it. Thank you for your answer.

I did exactly the same with bitcoin and found a similar drop. Fluctuations in the rate have not enabled a recovery of my test amount. Perhaps it’s just a drop in bitcoin…but strange coincidence how it has effected Eth transactions as well.

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ETH also fluctuates too lol

Yes, like I said, especially because the price of Ethereum went up in the last seven days. With minor fluctuation, but in general went up.