Is my IBAN personal

I do have a simple question: Is the IBAN I got from Revolut personal now? I transferred money in the account and it shows up. So if a firm wants to transfer money on my revolut account I can give them the IBAN with the reference number?

Thanks for your help.

You ask wrong. The answer depends on the currency and level of your verification.

Okay I do have Swiss Francs…but the payments would be in Euro, so I just open a new currency account and give them the number to do the payment?

Go to your account details, if the IBAN is in your name, and not showing any reference (blinking), then it’s definitely yours (not pooled), and doesn’t require a reference number.

There‘s a blinking reference number. How can I get my own iban, is that possible? So I am in the pooled one!

  1. 1.Your own account
    1. 2.Pooled account
      See: screenshot

Exactly what @redi said… when you go there you should have an “Activate” button somewhere, and then your “local” tab (first one), that’s it.

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thanks for your help… So it is working in Euros…

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