Is my account locked or not?


UK account. I haven’t been able to use my account for over two weeks now. Online transactions and physical card ‘in store’ transactions. The only thing that works is sending money to my wife’s Revolut account to reimburse her for paying for things on my behalf.

My card security settings are exactly the same as my wife. Everything enabled accept the ATM withdrawals.

Uber transactions are declined in the App. Apparently Uber doesn’t accept Revolut anymore but I’m not convinced.

Hilton Hotels and other merchants… just decline the transaction and nothing appears in the App. Use my wife’s Revolut card and it is accepted.

I’ve hard the card for about a year and used it a lot without issues. Only last two weeks it doesn’t seem to work.

I have a significant balance in there too. Very frustrating.

The Support Chat function is far too slow. Customers need quick answers… not have to wait 24-48 hours! No other way to get support?? Wow.


Try contacting them via Twitter


I paid for Uber three times last week and it worked O.o