Is my account active even if I don't top up?

Hey there! I’ve set up my Revolut account as I was sadly failing in trying to open a bank account here in the UK (I’m italian and have no ‘legitimate’ proof of address yet).

I needed a bank account so I could receive my salary from work asap, hence why I went for Revolut. I verified my identity but I’m currently unable to top up as I don’t have a credit card in my name yet.
What I’m wondering is if my account is currently active, and if I will be able to receive my salary there. I have an account numer and a sort code, is that enough?

Thanks in advance. Have a lovely day :slight_smile:

Hey @ilaria.vignolini :slight_smile:

Yes it is, but it will probably be locked soon until you verify it with your Italian ID. The moment you do so, even if you don’t top it up with a card, as long as you’re able to submit a proof of your (legal) income you should be completely fine :wink:

Woops I guess I wasn’t very clear. I did the verification process with my italian ID so that part is fine :wink:

What do you mean by ‘submit a proof of income’? As in when I receive some money on there?

Anyway thanks, you’re super kind :slight_smile:

Hey @ilaria.vignolini :slight_smile:

I was not positive on whether you had finished the verification process yet, but then, that’s nice! :wink:

You might be requested (never happened to me after 24.000€, but anyway) to prove the origin of your income. I don’t know which documents you might be asked in order to prove this, but it should be quite easy :blush:

Thanks :smile: