Is it safe to top-up with € 4.500,=?


Probably a bit of a silly question, but I don’t want to make mistakes.

I need to pay a substantial amount (in CHF) and have to top up my Revolut Euro account enabling myself to do so. After topping up in Euro’s I’ll convert them to CHF in my account (I have a CHF account in my Revolut app as well), and pay the CHF invoice.

With all the messages here in the community about money being stuck, accounts being blocked, people being locked out of their accounts, accounts being frozen, people need to verify(?) and not being able to do so, etc, etc.

I’m a scared to transfer/top-up my Revolut account with such an amount like € 4.500,=.

What should I do to avoid this kind of situations, and how do I prepare the top-up and payment without the risk of situations as mentioned above?

Thanks for any help and/or advice!


Will it exceed yearly top up limit?


No, not as far as I can see @Ares

My yearly top-up limit is indicated in the app being € 30.000,= and the monthly (free) exchange limit is € 6.000,=. Both won’t be exceeded with a top-up of € 4.500,= at the moment.


Since you all verified,i can’t see any problems to be honest . Best of luck :slight_smile:


Haha, that’s what I mean @Ares!

I would like not to be dependent on ‘luck’ :slight_smile:


I would try it anyway :slight_smile:
Chat is working now :smiley:
Have you made transfers before?


If you have verified your identity and you don’t exceed your yearly top up limit, or use three different credit cards to top up then you will be fine.


it’s safe if they dont block your account after, they did that to me and i’m still waiting for support


I receive my salary on my account every month without issue, I pay for my rent (€1000+) as well, and recently purchased two plane tickets for ~€1500, no problem.

I think people who have their accounts blocked are the ones who sign up and try doing huge transactions straight away, without building up a regular history.

PS: remember the free currency exchange is limited to £5,000/€5,000 per month, 0.5% after that. Just in case you exchange more than these €4500 this month :slight_smile:


Thanks @quentinb,

I was thinking this way as well. With 1.5M accounts and ‘only’ a dozen or so indicating trouble here, it seems to me that most of the transactions go right.

Having said that, I’ve done like 10 regular transactions of different kinds (bank transfer and credit card top-up, bank transfer payment, currency exchange, and ATM withdrawal).

But this would be my first larger amount transaction, and that’s a bit were my worries are…


I wouldn’t trust that much money to them.


Don’t be pesimist :smiley:


The amount mentioned by @Nijenbrinks is pretty much what I have at the moment on my :r: account…
I’ve been with them for more than a year now, never had any major problem. Sure there were some small bugs here and there, but never had my account blocked, my chat queries were always answered in less than 2 or 3 hours max, etc.


So you are extremely lucky.


I’m realist actually.


I don’t think extremely lucky is right.
They have 1.5 million customers, how many cases do you see here? Not that many really :slight_smile:


No. I don’t think so. Like @quentinb I have done several transactions of that amount over the past year. Never with any problem.

If you have had your identity verified, your top up cards verified (a simple way to check is if the card can be set for auto top ups. Then it’s safe) and you have a track record with Revolut, and stay within your limits, then I don’t see any problem.

As has been pointed out Revolut have over 1.5 million customers. Yes sure there are hiccups which get ventilated here on this forum. But the vast majority of transactions get processed without any problems, silently and successfully.


This is all the money that has gone through my account. Never, ever, ever has it been locked, not even for half a second.



And that’s evidence of what exactly?


I can almost legally prove I’m not “extremely lucky”. As long as you do a normal, wise usage of the app, you should be fine. On the worst of the cases, your money is always yours and will be back to you.