Is it possible to pay bills by automatic drawdown ?

I don’t really know if drawdown’s the right word, but in France we pay phone bills or stuff by “prélèvement”. I can’t seem to find info as to wether it’s possible with the UK Revolut iban …
Anyone knows ?? :blush:

Yep. Just launched. :slight_smile:

I think it’s slightly different. What our French friend requires is a Direct Debit mandate, where the company/institution are authorised to extract variable amounts from an account. Direct debits are not as yet possible with Revolut. What Revolut have just launched is the equivalent of a Standing Order. Regular FIXED amounts that are paid on a regular recurrent basis.


Ah right, apologies.

Direct debit doesn’t seem to be supported for both UK and EU customers as of right now.


Thanks, the new functionality is good but not what I was looking for :wink: It is indeed the direct debit…

Thanks anyways ! @Doppjunat @capital

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can you tell us how to enter a Direct Debit mandate authorization ?