Is it possible to have whitelisting and blacklisting?

Hi All

I’m using Revolut and I am very happy because I can enable/disable a card for web transactions. So I just enable, do the transaction and then disable again. This is very good in preventing scams.
The problem is, I would like to “whitelist” some actors which are doing delayed payments, so that my card doesn’t rejects their transactions when they happen (like at 2:00 AM for paying a doman name :grimacing: )

Do you think it would be possible to have a feature like "all is forbidden to charge me from the web, but Joe and Jill?). Like a blacklist , a whitelist, or a list of “trusted” entities?



Yes I agree! Like Netflix, or an auto top up feature for a metro card. Maybe even set a limit for the white list site. Such as 20 euro a month for Netflix.

Why don’t we have this, this seems like such a great idea.