Is it possible to have a revolut visa card ?

That’s why i wonder
Is not

Any other stores? No Wilko at Belfast…

I just read about it online and I got 'em at Wilko. Haven’t heard about any other stores. Someone here wrote that you can buy them in Italy, too. But he didn’t wrote where.

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Why Wilko dont sell these R cards online? Might make a fortune. :yum:
With international shipping, of course.


Was thinking the same. Can’t be too difficult offering international shipping surely?

Seller on ebay could go in a buy cards
And sell them online

Or revolut could sell them by it self

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Or just post a want ad yourself in certain forums. I guess there are people that would help another out.

I considered offering the service personally to you guys, but I would expect :r: would take a dim view. If they were happy to do so then I would expect they would offer that service directly.

Of course the other downside would be the card would be issued as a UK Visa card rather than a localised one to your particular market (BIN/account range, and currency), so you risk being offered DCC at non-UK machines, and being disappointed if unable to use it with some online retailers.

If anyone really needs a VISA how about ?

2.4 You must be over 18 years old and a resident of the United Kingdom to use our service

Also: Zeux will be available in the rest of Europe later this year and the rest of the world in 2020.

Mine also has this BIN :slight_smile:

I also considered doing this, but only to people I know personally as I don’t want to complicate things

I know
And after brexit
It will be a none EU card

Then it’s pointless at the moment

What about revolut?
Will they make visa card available everywhere?

I just need to wait and see

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That will never happen - and if it does, your VISA would be long expired anyway. :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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most of Peru and some places in Brasil do not accept MasterCard

I have seeing a hotel in istanbul that only take visa card

Does anyone know if buying Revolut visa cards at Wilko is still possible? Thanks.

I do believe it is but I bought mine a while ago so I couldn’t vouch with complete certainty.

Do you not have a local Wilko’s you could pop into quickly on your way to the bank or something?