Is it possible to have a revolut visa card ?


Is it possible to have a revolut visa card ?


Yes it is possible to do a Visa Card. From the application you can do so.


Hi there. VISA cards can be delivered to Netherlands, Portugal, Great Britain, Guernsey, Jersey, Gibraltar and Isle of Mann at the moment.


Hi, any plans to introduce them to Malta?! I just moved here and it takes a very long time to get a Maltese bank. Getting absolutely slaughtered with fx fees!


We operate in Malta, you can get a Revolut MasterCard.


Just out of curiosity: why is VISA limited to some countries? Will these countries only get VISA cards or can they choose?



No :slight_smile: Will be available to all countries.


Heard that users in Germany get a VISA. How can I order a VISA?
It was possible to order a virtual VISA but no Physical VISA


Hey @eandree :slight_smile:

There’s not such a way for you to order a specific card. You will get either a VISA or a Mastercard, depending on (I guess) internal factors.


Listen, i do a lot of transfer. If i have a Mastercard, i have to pay 1,2% per transfer, if i use a Viso 0%, so if i could have a visa, it would be amazing, even virtual visa.


I’m a Belgian. How to order a card? Send it to a friend in the Netherlands and get it from there? Or you can deliver in the meanwhile in Belgium as well?


You can order a card to your home address.