Is it possible to have 2 Accounts, but 3 physical cards?


Hi there,

I have set-up 2 accounts, 1 for Personal use and the other to be used as a Joint account between my wife and I (i.e. a card each, which we then both transfer funds onto, for joint use - food shopping etc.).

I was hoping to have 1 Physical card for Personal use, and then 2 physical cards for the Joint account (giving one to my wife); but it’s saying I can only have two cards on the app and won’t let me get another card for the Joint account?

Is this right, I thought I’d read somewhere that you can have two cards per account?

Probably me being stupid, but is there any way of getting around this or do I need my wife to get set-up on the app and can she link to the same Joint account as me?

Thanks in advance for your help!



any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Ro.


I agree
It would be great if we could link 2 separate cards to one account but with different names on each card. My boyfriend and I would like to use a joint account with our revolut cards but top up from separate accounds/debit cards so that we could share costs on shopping etc. Would it work if he got a card in his name and then could we link them together? Is that possible?


Hey @TaraJacquelineM :slight_smile:

I think, I’m afraid not.
However, you can order a spare card in your name and give it to him in some countries (for example, mine, where as long as you know the PIN and there’s not any suspicion, you can use someone else’s card and nobody will ask you for the ID) :smile:

If that’s not your case, it’s going to be less convenient, but there’s still a way or two to split the costs. Even three! :star2:

  • :one: Have two different accounts and use the “split bill” function in :r:
  • :two: Have two different accounts and, monthly, use the “Analytics” feature to check the monthly spendings. Then, instantly transfer half of it from one account to the other.
  • :three: Have two different accounts with the same amount of money and every 1st of the month, make the balances even with an instant transfer!