Is it possible to get paid directly in US Dollars in Affiliates such as iTunes?

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I am trying to find out if I can use Revolut for getting paid in US DOLLAR in affiliates such as iTunes with the US dollars account from Revolut.

Here’s a screenshot of iTunes Affiliate payment method registration screen:

As you can see, there’s a routing field, but not a reference one. Obviously, I can set an EURO account and ask iTunes to pay me in the EURO account, but there are incurring fees (conversion + others from iTunes I suspect), so kind of interested in knowing your experience with this, if anyone’s tried it.

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I think you have to change the country of the bank to UK instead of the US

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Thank Adam, but wouldn’t similar fees apply?

That’s right, when “country of bank” shows “US”, a local US account is expected.

(Side note: the personal Revolut account has limitations when it comes to business income. The business freelancer account might be the better choice.)

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Which fees exactly do you mean ?

Conversion fees, USD to EUR or other currencies.

Thanks for the explanation Frank! :slightly_smiling_face:

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As far as I can see that you can choose in iTunes Affiliate the payment currency
So I guess what you can do is choose to get paid in USD and add your Revoult USD account number, so I don’t think in this case you will pay conversion fees

Hello Adam, as I mention in the original question, I can’t do that because you cannot use the Revolut accounts with references. There’s nowhere to insert the reference. Thanks anyway for your answers.

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Yes, I understand that
But if you change the country of the bank to UK do they still ask for reference ??

To sum up what you should if it’s possible on iTunes side:
1- Change the country of the bank to UK
2- Set the paid currency to USD

if this 2 options are available on iTunes side you should be good to go’

I hope this reply clarify what I meant before

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