Is it posible to use Revolut Card with Playstation UK account?

I’m able to add my card but when I want to add funds to wallet or do checkout in store it fails.

I wonder is it temporary issue or Revolut card can not be used with Playstation UK

Hi @cragams,

what funds fail ? Are you able to load funds into Revolut ?
Please make sure, that you have e-commerce transactions enabled in the security settings of the app.

What does the Revolut app say ? Are there any declined transactions ?

A few more details would help, to sort out this issue.


Hey @cragams :slight_smile:

Check Section 6:

It’s up to PlayStation to decide which cards to accept or not, and they are the ones to contact if they’re refusing your :r: card as long as the problem is not on the card side as @C0ldwater suggests :wink:

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Have you made sure to register with the same billing addresses on both the Sony store and Revolut account?

Hi Frank,
Yes, billing address for Revolut card and PS4 account is the same.

Hi Jiliopp,
I have seen it.
I just wonder if there is someone who managed to use Revolut with PS.

Hi C0ldwater,
i’m able to add funds to Revolut Card. Issue i’m referring to is when I add funds from Revolut card to my Playstation Wallet.

Online transactions are enabled for my Revolut card in Revolut app.

After i try to add funds from revolut to Playstatin i see that Playstation is taking 0,10£ from my revolut account and after that it puts it back. I guess it is done to verify if it possible to take Money from Revolut card. But that is only thing what shows up in Revolut app. Real transaction never shows up in Revolut app.

In Playstation store it gives following error messages:
“Your purchase can not be completed. Check your transaction history in your Account Settings”
“Currently unable to add funds to your account. Please try again later.”
"…Card details are not correct. please check…"

One can always ask Revolut’s support about the reason for a declined payment if the notification is not clear enough.

But like you describe it, the actual payment (not 0.10 pre-authorization) never hits Revolut’s systems at all. Therefore, they probably can’t give you more details because they also won’t see anything.

The BIN of the card is registered as debit prepaid. I guess your best change would be the PS store community forums to find out about other customer’s problems with prepaid cards?

Thanks for answer.
I just wanted to kow if someone has managed to use Revolut card with PlayStation.

As far as I know ( applies to the german and us store) you can top up the account with Paypal ? My :r: works with paypal, so might give that a shot ?

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It is possible to use Revolut card with UK PlayStation account. It just started to work.

I don’t know if there was problem on PlayStation side or
Revolut. Anyway it works now.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help me.


Glad it works out now ! Have fun using your :r: in the future :slight_smile: