Is it not possible to purchase crypto using Revolut?


I am wondering if its really not allowed to use the Revolut card to purchase crypto?
I thought Revolut was crypto friendly and is one of the reasons i joined to be honest.
I tried just now to purchase some ETH and LTC from using my Revolut card but it gave me an error:

Can you please explain why this “merchant” is not allowed? I love to use my Revolut card more and even go up to higher tier but need to understand the policy around crypto purchase as this is what i love and i do dollar cost average.

Well, this doesn’t answer your question but have you thought about buying ETH and LTC from Revolut? If you’re buying and holding and planning to cost-average you can do all of that on the Revolut app. Of course, you if you plan to do something else with your cryptos - like store on an extrenal wallet - you might want to use a different source.

One thing to note, I was out of funds once and made a purchase at my local mini-market. The funds were actually taken from my XRP holdings so Revolut does also allow for some purchasing with your cryptos too.

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Thanks for the suggestion but as you point out i want my crypto on ledger. Thats the whole point of crypto in my view and that is why i wanted to do this transfer.

Also just got a reply from support saying payward (on Kraken) is not supported for some reason. Its really not that great that even bank to bank we cant be sure it will work. How can a user tell the difference when its supported or not.

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I posted in another thread about an indirect way of getting money into Kraken from Revolut, using stablecoin.

See here: Kraken SEPA withdrawal Reverted - #51 by Pangolin

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