Is it Community or Frustration Forum?


My 2 cent on how I feel about Revolut Community.

As expected, Revolut users join this forum in first place to seek solutions for their issues with this company. I was one of them a couple of weeks ago as I wanted to have my question answered. In the last few days, some acted in quite aggressive manner and used language which was borderline abusive. This, expectedly, caused other members who have been helping them to get annoyed and retaliate in similar way. I don’t blame them.

It is about time Revolut addressed this issue and designated resources for actively dealing with both on this forum: unacceptable behaviour towards other members as well as insufficient number of Revolut staff engaging with users seeking help. @AndreasK is doing amazing job here, so are several others who dedicated their time for their own reasons to assist others. Revolut exceeds what other fintech companies do in innovation area. They are quite frankly unmatched and other companies should look up to them! At the same time, they lack in the field of facilitating and overseeing online community matters. Starling and Monzo are doing fine in this respect and therefore it might be time to learn from them for once. There is no shame in admitting your shortcomings and dealing with them.

At first, I was quite enthusiastic to be on the forum but after some time and especially after today I feel like giving up. Things are in urgent need for change, in my opinion. If you believe I am wrong, feel free to tell me.


You are not wrong at all, it just depends IMHO on the perspective. Most forums have at times unpleasant discussions, that is probably human nature :wink: . What I - personally - dislike is when people have a sense of entitlement and approach things with an aggressive attitude and cant be reasoned with. There have been a few of these examples lately and I am sure there are more to come. But that is just the forum and forums often attract a very vocal minority who then leaves a generally bad impression because the satisfied majority rarely speaks up.

The issue I actually reckon as more severe is the overall state of support, which is also (partially) the reason why many people complain (be it reasonably or unreasonably). If that improved I believe the level of (apparent) customer satisfaction would also improve.

Having to type “live agent” to get an actual person is one issue (even though it is quite prominently placed, people still miss it and are then left hanging) which needs fixing IMHO (-> @AndreasK).

The timeliness of responses also needs polishing. You cant have a chat (which is an instant medium) as primary support channel and then tell people they have to wait for hours. Have a ticketing system for that.

I, for myself, did not have any of these issues and am only waiting for a couple of new “features” to use Revolut more regularly but I can fully understand that people (particularly the reasonable one) are panicky when there accounts are suddenly blocked (for reasons unknown to them) and Revolut is on silent mode :slight_smile:

As for your main issue, the forum, it possibly could do with more or faster moderation but for me (subjective! :)) it would not appear to be the main issue. But yes, there is some level of frustration :slight_smile: :man_shrugging:

my two cents - woohoo, we are already at four cents


Alessandro, I am already on Twitter and therefore get my fair share of arguments with aggressive and frustrated people. However, unlike this place, Twitter is not called a community. Everyone can guess why.

Revolut forum sometimes reminds of a pub in a rough part of the city on Friday night. Every few minutes there is a drunken guy who comes in and starts yelling abuse at others and provoking confrontations because he is not happy about something. In a decent pub, an owner would come over to the guy, have a chat with him and try to bring him back to his senses. If that didn’t work, he would kick him out.

Revolut needs to be this responsible pub owner. Otherwise, I might well put up with with being on only one Twitter. Two of them is probably too much to me and possibly few others.

By the way, you are doing great job helping others on this forum :grinning:


You do have a point here. It is a difficult call I guess but it might be best to keep the community strictly to community matters (e.g. how do payments work, can I sign up if i am outside the EU, and so on) and shift all account related questions either to a ticket system or a non-public group in the forum where only Revolut support staff has access. In that case the community would be spared the “outrages” and would focus on community topics. That would require more efficient responses by Revolut though - in my opinion at least

In any way, thank you for your kind words :).


With the last promotion it seems there have been some problems with people not reading the terms, being impatient or Revolut having problems. These things are unavoidable and will happen. This of course is reflected here, as it is the easiest way of letting frustrations go and be validated in these frustrations by other peers.

Some of the problems also stems from a lack of moderators, it seems that Andreas is one of the only active in here moderating. I have been trying a bit lately but i am being careful that i am not “cutting” someone off since i am not an Revolut employee. So a solution would be to have more moderators.

There are also people who are quite active and tries to help, but with a passive agressive respond pattern when the original poster pushes back because of their frustration. This can lead to even more bittering in a post. So i urge others not to participate in that and then just ignore posts where people don’t want the help offered.

In the end we are a great community with many people helping each other and that is pretty awesome! Thanks to all for participating i enjoy it immensely :slight_smile:


I agree. Revolut need to devote more resources to support and moderation. Then the forum can do what it does best. Inform, advise and help resolve difficulties.


I know it pulled in a lot of new customers but the crypto facility changed things. It attracted a more speculative /aggressive type that don’t bother to read the T&Cs. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to have been foreseen and it’s left support sadly lacking. Just my view.


Well, this company is one big frustration. They keep introducing more features that bring more bugs and issues, but their support staff is not able to accommodate new customers and existing customers that are having issues with app or the service itself.

When you throw around one liners like “beyond banking” and send emails saying that banking is broken in your country and then at the same time your own support is literally non existent i’m left flabbergasted and frustrated.


Evrika! :laughing:
This is the main issue actually for 80% of the problems …


To be the honest, that would not by my impression. There are some people who complain they had to pay nonetheless or didnt fully understand the shipping options, but they are not the majority IMHO. The majority seems to be those who got their accounts blocked.

Of course, you’ll also have those who wired something the wrong way or who are generally unhappy, but they dont seem to be the majority either.


I’m sorry to say this but it seems very autistic to accuse customers for the problems of this company and think that censoring the critics will help to solve those problems.

Just my 2 cents


I think KYC (know your customer) regulations by the EU gives all banks a hard time - at :r: it shows more though since they are a more modern approach to banking.

The big troubles started when crypto came into play though, i suspect some not-totally-honest people are trying to sneak money in and get frustrated when they discover exactly the same rules apply to :r: as to any other bank operating within the EU.