Is it actually possible to make first top up by bank transfer?


Seems impossible to start my account off by making a bank transfer as when I select this option for GBP no bank details are provided. It states that I have to verify my identity before I will be given my unique bank details and to verify my identity I have to transfer some money! So how do I do that!!

Unable to top up by bank transfer

Hi! First of all, you have to verify your identity by going to “More” > “Profile” > “Verification & limits” where you will be asked to take a picture of your identity card/passport and complete some more steps :smiley:


Thanks for the tip, but if I go to “verification and limits” it says to verify my identity I need to top up my account, so it seems like a vicious circle (I can’t see any option to provide a photo ID instead).


Maybe you’ve verified already? If it asks for a top-up, then you should top up your account by card in order to get a code on your bank statement :slight_smile:


Also, there is a difference between “unique local UK accounts” and “IBAN accounts”. Even if you don’t see the your personal local account number, you should be able to see the generic IBAN account with a reference number. One could use this way to top-up via bank transfer as well.


Ok, so I guess it isn’t actually possible to start my account off with a bank transfer then - I didn’t really want to have to use a credit card :frowning:


No, it is possible. :slight_smile: It is what I did! Just use one of the generic IBANs, and make sure to put in the reference code. The top-up must be from an account in your name!

Check the FAQs for further informations about topping up with bank transfers


Thanks Frank, I will try that (just wasn’t sure if I would be able to use that as there is no sort code, just IBAN - will see if I can enter details that way on my online bank page)


Okay, good luck! Hopefully your UK bank does not charge you crazy fees for SEPA transfers.