Is it a bug?

Why am I suddenly required to re-submit documents/pictures to re-authenticate my account?

My real bank hasn’t ever asked me to do this, even after 40 plus years.


Probably not a bug. This has happened to others as well.
Did your ID document you used during sign-up expire?
Out of interest, in which country do you live and what type of document did you submit the first time to prove you identity?

Your correct with your statement, that high Street banks don’t need that. I also don’t fully understand the logic behind it.

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In answer to your questions:

my original document hasn’t expired
I am a UK customer.

Perhaps I don’t use Revolut enough for their liking? For me it is primarily an account to use whilst travelling.

Perhaps it is a not particularly subtle way of suggesting that I’m not a valued customer?

Try to update your revolut app to latest version. In local forum some users got this too and some solved it by simply updating their revolut app. After update there should be no more notices to do verification.
Most likely its a bug.

I’m on version 6.19.2 is there yet another version?

Yes. I am on 6.20 (android). If its not available for you yet just wait few days. google updates it in stages sometimes for different countries/regions.

After upgrading to 6.20 (iOS) I have a new entry in the settings: documents … When I click it I see three documents … none of them can be opened. I haven’t been asked to submit any documents…

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Had the same validate message since update. Assume it’s a bug.


Gave in and decided to validate using UK driving licence but app crashes after taking photos so unable to complete :thinking:


App updated, no longer crashes but apparently my selfie picture doesn’t contain a face; am I that ugly? :joy::joy: