Is first top up date the start of new roll over?

Hello so I just got my new card and very happy about that. I was Just wondering about if it’s a roll over? And if the new free £200 must be claimed once after that rolling date, which starts on my first top up?

I believe it is from when you signed up or verified your account.

@AndreasK ?

Hey. If you joined before 16 March 2017 your billing cycle for all charges goes by Calendar month. If you joined after 16 March 2017, you go by Rolling month. If you joined before 16 March 2017 and upgraded your Revolut account from Standard to Premium, you’ll also be on a Rolling month cycle.

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Which is when u first topped up? Or verified caRd?


So I’m on a rolling month. So that starts when I topped uplease or verified? How can I be sure if it was verified date when that is. Another thing…will charges immediately show or do I have to wait to see them?

You can see how much of the allowance you have left in the Price Plan tab in the app.
The period runs from the date the account was created.

Ok thanks. I guess once I start using I’ll get used your it.

The exact sequence to view remaining allowance is…

'Price plan ’

Third item shows you how much of the £5k monthly Exchange allowance you have left
Fourth item shows how much of the £200 pm ATM fee free allowance is remaining.

Hope this helps

It’s from the join date.