Is direct debit working?


I would imagine that GBP direct debits will start once Revolut gets its banking licence.


@AndreasK are EUR Direct Debits working at the moment? Support told me it’s not and I tried to use Direct Debit with Seqr/Glase and they said it didn’t go through.


I have a couple of EUR direct debits set up right now, they both debited out without issue. If they are set up correctly and have been presented, they appear in the app under the recurring payments section on the Payments tab


I’ve been following all this and am pleased to see it’s all working, so I made my first step and approached the mortgage lender for my Spanish mortgage to see if I could move my direct debit. They said it is a condition of the mortgage that it is paid from a Spanish bank. So that’s put a stop to that. My Spanish account IBAN has ES in it and my Revolut IBAN has GB in it. Even if I could find my mortgage agreement it would be in Spanish and not even my Spanish speaking friends understand the technical Spanish.


This might be a case of IBAN discrimination that could be reported to Spanish regulators. I don’t know if mortgages qualify for an exception from the EU wide regulation and if it is worth the hassle.


Are GBP Direct Debits working now?