Is direct debit working?

Hi, is the direct debit feature working fine? I can’t find a definite answer, the blog page is down and can’t see anything in the app. I live in the UK and have an EUR account in revolut as well. I need to set up a direct debit in Euros for some committments I have abroad in Europe. Can I use my EUR account for this? Is revolut reliable? I can’t afford to have DD bouncing back due to technical issues. Thank you for your feedback.

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Hopefully @anon71086934 haven’t logged off yet. Seems like an important clarification this close to the new month.

My understanding is you can. Same question at Introducing Euro Direct Debits 💶

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I used SEPA Direct Debit with the EUR Account. Worked without a problem.
(I tried it with PayPal.)

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Are you based outside of the Eurozone?

No. But it does not matter.

Do you have an SEPA account in EUR with a GB-IBAN?

The IBAN determines whether you can use SEPA Direct Debit or not.
Check this out (and enter your IBAN – and have a look at the “SEPA Direct Debit is supported” part):

(Note: Never mind the “This IBAN is incorrect. The IBAN contains an incorrect checksum.” part. It is nothing to worry about.)

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Well, that was the original question though :wink:

What are your concerns in special?
(Or did I already answer your question?)

If you do have a SEPA account, you can use SEPA direct debit. It is working now.
Your country of origin does not matter in that case; it is merely a matter of a correct IBAN in the SEPA zone – and if the other party offers SEPA Direct Debit for payments.

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Thanks @franskeijer and @alessandro. I have a IBAN EUR account in Revolut starting with GB96… I have followed the link provided by @franskeijer and “SEPA Direct Debit” is supported. Would you feel that at this point I can, with confidence, provides such IBAN to companies based in Europe to pay for utility bills? Thank you guys for your input, and it’s such a shame that official @RevolutStaff leaves us in the dark, having to look for feedback from “guinea pig”, or playing the guess game :frowning:

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Hi there. Euro Direct Debits are down for now, but we hope to bring it back really soon!


Good to know…

So, @gif, it seems that they are not yet “up and running” as expected. :no_mouth:

Hi @Revolut, do you have any update on the Direct Debit? Many thanks

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@anon71086934 @anon33247966?

Hey guys!

Direct debits are now available again :slight_smile:

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Do they also work for GBP accounts or is this an EUR feature only so far?

At the moment it’s only EUR Direct Debits :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Any estimate on how long before GBP direct debits will be a thing?

Hi @Revolut, is there any link with instructions to follow in order to set a direct debit up? The blog page seems still down…

Direct debits are set up with the merchant! Provide the IBAN for the local EUR account and agree to the T&C at a merchant’s website, for example.

At least it would be nice to have an official confirmation from @revolut rather than just one casual answer to a question I happened to ask. The last thing I want is to setup a direct debit and then having it bounced because revolut was not ready!