Is card really active?


I received my card yesterday. On the package it says ‘This card is active’ but in my App, the card section asks me to activate the card.

So can I use it without sending my ID and photo? Is the card already active?




Use it with pin and it status will change in the app.


Hey @Steve21020 :slight_smile:

I’d suggest sending your ID and photo anyway. Else, your account might get locked and ask for it sometime without prior notice, and it’s highly inconvenient :wink:


Thanks guys. I will activate it officially as you suggest. Do I have to upload my passport p/copy via the phone or can I do it at the computer? I ask because I still haven’t mastered all the gadgets on my new android phone.


Hey @Steve21020 :slight_smile:

You should be able to do so through your phone (not through the computer yet :frowning:), going to More -> Profile -> Limits and verifications :wink: