Is anyone trying to use Revolut card in India?

I have been using my Revolut card successfully in India to withdraw money for several months now. When asked whether to withdraw with and without conversion-I have been saying without and getting the interbank rates. Tofay I tried to withdraw from the State Bank of India, which I have always been using, and I got a message saying ‘unable to complete the dynamics currency conversion process’ and did I want to continue with ‘mastercard currency rate’? I cancelled the transaction. Does anyone know what this means? I am assuming I will not get the interbank rates? And does anyone know of other banks that do free withdrawals with the Revolut card in India?

Did atm prior to showing “unable to complete dcc” showed question - do you want to withdraw with conversion or without? If yes, and you choosed answer like you always do, maybe its just bank’s new tricky way to force person think that there is something wrong.

No it didn’t ask anything about conversion. DCC is essentially bad for me, so it should be ok proceeding I would have thought…?