Irritating banner ad in app

How do I permanently remove this irritating banner ad from the app. I’m totally aware of the referral process. I don’t need to be reminded ever time I login.


Welcome to the club.


MLM, scourge on society. Should be banned !


It’s in Your Profile, under Privacy - Marketing.

Should turn these things off?

Hey thanks for that. Just turned Marketing Push notifications off. Hopefully that will fix it.

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Feels so cheap. Why don’t they just let us dismiss them like any other notification??

Yes, it should but doesn’t

Seems to have removed it on my iPhone. I’ll keep you updated if it reappears.

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there are actually 3 different banners that appear: the one shown here, the “unlock metal by inviting friends”, and another one that can be closed

Even with the bloody setting turned off the ads still appear!!!