Irish Permanent TSB shows up with logo of British TSB bank



The Irish Permanent TSB shows up with the 3 circle logo of the British TSB.
A common mistake but still not nice.

Visible in version 3.5 on an iPhone.

CU AssetBurned.


Hi @AssetBurned,

Could you please let us know if this issue issue persists in version 3.6?


Still wrong logo in 3.6. should check what happens when the card get added again?


@AndreasK ahhh looking at the other bug you can fix that without an new client software release.

it is one of these if it helps :slight_smile:


Tried to enter Revolut’s new IBAN and BIC codes for their New Lloyds account on Perm TSB acoount this evening, comes up as: *Sorry but the BIC or IBAN entered is invalid. Please double check and try again or call 1890 *** for help. (error code 610)
Four attempts


Hi Nontaburi23, that doesn’t look like an issue with the logo on the credit card shown within the application. Maybe it would have been better to open up a new topic for that.

@AndreasK by the way still happening in 3.7.3.


I happened to see your post re: Irish Perm TSB and just thought I would mention it, in fact I think the IBAN and BIC issue is more important than bitching over a logo, but thanks for the advice anyway.


@AssetBurned thank you for letting me know. Tech team has been informed, and working on it.