Irish IBAN - On It’s Way 📢

Hello everyone :wave:,

:sound:Exciting news!!!:sound:

We are rolling out local IBANs in another country. Guess where?:thinking:

This time it’s Ireland.:star_struck:

We got lots of feedback from our Irish users regarding unfair IBAN discriminations by service providers, though it’s illegal to refuse European account details in Ireland. As we always committed to “Deliver WOW”, we had to solve it.:hugs:

Bang!! We launched Irish IBAN via our new branch of Revolut Bank UAB which we established in Ireland.:muscle: We have already started to provide local Irish IBANs to newly onboarding customers.

Remember, your wish is our command!:saluting_face:

Wondering, when will you get localized IBAN? Don’t worry, we’ll launch it soon.:rocket:

Veda | Community Team


Just a UK banking licence next pleeeeeeeease :heart::raised_hands:t3:


When in Italy? :thinking: :thinking:


That’s nice, I wish you guys could do the same for the Brazilian accounts, not necessarily a IBAN (people who receive money from Adsense would like it) but starting with a regular individual account number would be nice because the current model I can only receive money from myself (from another account in my name) and would be nice if revolut could be an real account to use everyday receiving from another persons account.

Supporting PIX would be desirable, again with an individual account ID instead of everyone receiving on the same address and sending the money by the name/CPF of the sender.

I don’t know how it works for foreign (having a BRL account) but if someone visiting Brazil have a BRL account, they probably would enjoy using PIX (instant and free bank transfer) to pay here if somehow they couldn’t pay with their debit card because in Brazil those are recognize was “pre-paid credit cards” instead of local debit (Only Maestro and Visa Electron are considered debit card here) and have higher fees.

If I’m not wrong, Wise also offers a Visa debit card here, but on their Brazilian cards they seems to have both the stander “Visa Debit” like the rest of the world and a “Visa Electron” function so it would be recognized was as debit in brazil.

P.s.: I would love to create a individual topic with all the specific Brazilian feedback for helping Revolut understand the Brazilian market, but seems my account is too new to be able to create topics :cry:
(I didn’t found the option on the mobile interface)


@Eudes Hello! Thank you for sharing your feedback and suggestions regarding Revolut’s services in Brazil. Our team is always looking to expand our services and improve our offerings in different countries, so we appreciate your input. :rocket:

I would be happy to assist you in posting your topic on the community forum. Simply follow the same process you used to post your feedback, and I will ensure it gets posted.

Please feel free to browse the community forum beforehand to see if a similar topic already exists to save you time. :blush:

Veda | Community team

Has every Irish customer got their IE IBAN? Mine is still showing as LT. I need to provide my bank details to my new job but dont want any issues if the LT IBAN will soon be inactive

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Mine it still LT as well. The rest of my family all received their IE ones weeks ago.

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@Barry10 @krymson Hello and welcome to the :r: community. We’re thrilled to have you here. :hugs:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. :frowning_face:

Please note that if you’re eligible, you’ll receive an email communication from us informing you that your account will be migrated to the branch in about 2-3 months’ time. To speed up the process, you can choose the Opt-In option in the email communication to fast-track your application. Our team may reach out to you in case any further information is needed and will prioritize the allocation of your IE - IBAN. :rocket:

For more details please visit this FAQ. Hope this helps.

Veda | Community Team

Thanks Veda for following up. Since the rest of my family have all received theirs, I believe I must be eligible. My address is Ireland and my Irish tax information is up to date. I also have email communication turned on, but have never received any emails regarding the new ibans.


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Oh please roll out local IBAN’s in The Netherlands ! :slight_smile:


Welcome to our :r: community @QuietCat :wave:.

We are working on introducing more local IBANs so fingers crossed that we’ll be able to provide local IBAN’s in Netherlands one day. Stay tuned. :rocket:

SG | Community Team

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@krymson Please re-check if you have received the mail again.

Although it is true that a large number of eligible customers have already been migrated to the Irish branch, the process is not fully completed yet. All remaining eligible users will continue to be migrated in a phased manner starting from 2 months after the date of the legal notice they received via email. So stay tuned. :hugs:

Veda | Community Team

Thanks Veda, yes I got the email yesterday so I should get my iban soon.

Many thanks for your assistance :+1:


Hi Veda, it is now 5 months after I have received an e-mail about migration and I have contacted support many times. No one there to help to resolve the issue. Could you please look into it.

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@IrishIBANnot Hello :wave: and Welcome to the community. :blush:

I apologize for any frustration and inconvenience this has caused you :frowning_face: Could you please recheck if you have received a confirmation email of the migration?

If you haven’t received the mail yet please contact us on social media using this link so that we can look into it immediately. :rocket:

Veda | Community Team

Hi, yes I did.

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Hi Community

We have an Irish JOINT Revolut account which we both get paid into.
We have Credit Cards with AIB and BOI (from when we had AIB/BOI bank accounts)

At this stage we are UNABLE to payment payments from our Revolut JOINT to either AIB or BOI credit card.

We have asked Revolut for help and both Banks. The Banks told us this is a REVOLUT issue. We have fed that back but no joy.

Revolut - Can you confirm, how do we make payment to AIB Credit Card?? AIB CC will provide a single IBAN and nothing more. Please get your business analysts to work that one out!

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Can’t make payment how? Card payment? Direct debit? Transfer?

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From our Revolut Joint account we are unable to make a payment to an AIB credit card.

Think about it. From the joint you can only transfer using IBAN

Would love to know if anyone else had managed it. Maybe it’s just an AIB issue?

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