Irish customers


There is change to policy. Revolut are now charging 12cent per Atm transaction and possibly online up to €5 euro cap. It is the Irish stamp duty that they are passing on but they could a have told the irish customers!!!


@REBELFIDO where did you got the infos from?


I got charged 12 cent today and I asked a revolut support and this is the answer
The cost is 12c per transaction, up to €2.50 per year if you’re using ATMs ONLY, if you’re also making regular card transactions, this is capped at €5 per year.


:r: have no choice, blame the Irish government. The tax is designed to discourage the use of cash and is explained here


looking at this I rather pay a few cents per transaction (with a cap) then paying this annoying stamp fee all the time. And if that is only when using ATMs in Ireland then even better.
But I guess this will be implemented for other countries as well if they have such a fee.


@REBELFIDO are you using an ATM in RoI?

In the Terms and Conditions, 5.6, it states (

“if you are a legal resident of the Republic of Ireland and you conduct an ATM transaction in the Republic of Ireland, Revolut may collect from You the appropriate stamp duty i to the legal maximum as required by the Irish Revenue Commissioners” - so I assume it was a transaction in RoI

@AndreasK - could you please confirm is this is the case as I would like to recommend the card in Ireland ?

@AssetBurned as far as I know Ireland is the only country that charges these fees on ATM transactions and cards!


Hi yes I live in roi. I went to buy something in sterling but there was a problem with the vendor not revolut so I decided to withdraw the money back in euros. I did this only in November or December just gone no problems without any charge so I thought nothing of it until I got charged 12 cent. Which is fine if I knew about it in the first place. But in future I think I can just lodge it back into my own bank account


@REBELFIDO Hi, so if you withdrew the funds from an ATM in Ireland you got the gammy fee from the tax man. Better to transfer it back then, good to know.

However, if you withdraw money overseas (euro or otherwise) and outside of RoI or use the card to pay a transaction you would not be charged Irish Tax. Is this the case @AndreasK right ??


Hi guys.

Sorry for the slow reply. That’s correct @Dee, it’s applicable only in Ireland and not overseas. It’s important to mention that this €2.50 is per year, and not per transaction.


Andreas K.


Hi @AndreasK, so can you confirm that the fee will be cap at 2.50€ per year and that it is not the case that the 5€ clause of that regulation is in place?
Also I understood that the period for the cap, for credit cards, is April to April. What is the date for the Revolut card?


If you only use the card for ATMs the cap will be at 2.50€ per year, if you use the card for ATM & card payments the cap goes up to 5€ per year.

The information we have received, says it’s January to January.


Andreas K.


Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:


Hi @AndreasK as you mentioned,

if you use the card for ATM & card payments the cap goes up to 5€ per year

could you clarify further examples on what card payments which could be charged?


Shouldn’t the much lower taxes for businesses (respect to other EU countries) cover the cost of the stamp duty for Irish customers? I was going to use revolut for everything but clearly not anymore.