iPhone Widget


Hey! :slight_smile:

There’s an app in the UK that’s Revolut’s competition so I won’t name them but, one thing they do that’s pretty useful for me is that they have a widget where I can quickly check my balance without logging in.

This could also be added as a 3D touch option.

Seems lazy but it’s perfect for lazy people like me :slight_smile:


Hello @clickyclick,

That’s actually something we’re working on it. Make the Revolut experience even more convenient I would say :slight_smile:


I’m backing this feature too, I’m using “the other app” too and I find the widget very useful.

PS: I’m dropping “the other app” slowly in favour of Revolut which is getting smarter every day.


Android as well please :sweat_smile:


This idea has a few entries in the Ideas forum so it seems like a popular suggestion. It certainly gets my vote. Yes, a widget to display current balance on Today screen and could also include recent spend, e.g. last 3 transactions, total for today, total for week etc.


Two topics for a widget… should be something to seriously consider. Even if I think that Using Apple wallet to show credit left and transfer money to revolution users? could still be an more useful idea