iPhone dead, how to activate app on iPad without phone?


I’m travelling and have managed to drop my iPhone into the pool. I’ve downloaded the Revolut app to my iPad but can’t get it activated because the 6-figure code is being sent to my dead phone. Is there a way round this?


Hey Hendrik

Support can help you with retrieving the activation code. Or you can write to Revolut on Twitter or Facebook.


Thank you. How do I get to Support? Within the iPad app I can’t get past the code activation page.


I guess the best way is Facebook or Twitter :slight_smile:


Ok thanks, but sadly I’m not a Facebook or Twitter user


Pop your Sim card in other phone .
And wait for incoming message of code.
Easiest way :slight_smile:


I can send you the code here via DM. Let me know if this works for you. :slight_smile:


Update. I got through to live help by saying I’d changed my number. That triggered ‘help’, and I managed to switch to my wife’s telephone number after a few security questions.(she doesn’t have a Revolut card) All up and running on my iPad now, thank you Revolut.
By the way, why do they put pockets in swimmers?? Shouldn’t be allowed!


Good idea too, thank you


Yes, thank you, clever thought. I managed to get help eventually by saying I’d changed telephone number and that triggered live help, managed to switch to wife’s number



Thank you, now sorted. Saying I’d changed number triggered live help. Switched to wife’s phone